Save your development time by using Amplication

If we talk about code generation tools, we can find many tools that won't require any domain expertise to go from an idea to a presentable website.

We can try to use these tools to save some time, but most code generation tools take away the code extendability and can not deliver maintainable, understandable, and quality code.

I recently checked a code generation tool called Amplication, which helps developers generate NestJs backend and barebone admin UI. Here are some of the plus points of Amplication that could help you decide if you should try it in your next project.

Developer friendliness

It defines itself as an open-source development tool. This tool helps users create and update database entities, user roles, and permissions. It also facilitates the maintenance of data models even after custom changes.

All changes made using Amplication can be pushed directly to GitHub in the form of merge requests. You can test the changes right away by checking out the sandbox environment deployment URL.

Easy deployment

The delivered code contains DockerFile. Docker makes the deployment process very easy.

Code quality

The delivered code is arguably clean and understandable. Almost all of the code generated by amplication resides inside the base folder of each module. If we want to add custom code, we should add and update services, controllers, resolvers, and more.

As a fan of nestjs, I give it 100 points because of its extendability. DeepScan report raises some UNUSED_IMPORT issues.

REST & GraphQL support

The delivered code supports both REST and GraphQL APIs, which are the most used method of server communication. Having both ready as you start saves a lot of time.